The day the sky went up in flames

I see the streaks of light in the sky. Those are clearly nuclear weapons. Fucking North-Koreans. I’ve got about; I dunno, five, maybe ten minutes before the clock strikes midnight.

In a few minutes that yellow jackass has managed, for the first time ever, to put the States in a level One Defcon Alert. Jesus Christ, not even the Reds managed that. And they had the Tsar Bomba. A nuke 1400 times more powerful than both the nukes used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. That is one mean motherfucker. Even so, the bastard who’s making us reach DEFCON 1 is the leader of a backwards Third World dictatorship.

Jesus Christ. I’ve been helping people for hours now. Lugging cripples around and leaving them in the evac planes and choppers. The last one of those have just taken off. Didn’t make it in time. I’m down here, stuck with a couple of volunteers. Nothing left to do but wait. Some of them are having sex. I guess that’s reasonable. I’m alone. Not because I want. I don’t mind, either. I guess they are a little scared, after all, I’m a six foot six inuit.

I grin at one of the girls. She looks away. Just as well.

I look at the sky. It looks fucking stunning. Deadly, yes, beautiful, without a doubt. I wonder if the pencil pushers in Washington D.C.’ll use a MAD strategy. Probably makes no sense. I hear one of the radios the pilots left us crack. The voice on the other side says something about how our sacrifice will not be forgotten and that kind of stuff. I look up to the sky. I see some choppers, trying to get out of harms way. They’re as dead as me. I don’t think they’ll manage to get away. The evac planes will be safe.

I’m glad I got my parents on the first plane to get here. Now they’re, I dunno, somewhere in Washington, I guess. Maybe even Idaho. I turn and look at the sky again. There’s one streak less. Suddenly, a bright flash. Amazing. I see the mushroom. Good thing that retard is nuking Alaska, when the nuclear winter hits no-one will be none the wiser. I guess this is farew


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